The positive atmosphere of our employees in the ADELI Medical Center is the pride of our organization.

Doctors, psychotherapists, and medical scientists have stated that having a positive mood can benefit ones physical health. But we usually don’t feel a positive atmosphere in hospitals, clinics, or health centers and instead feel stress and discomfort.

Since inception of ADELI Medical Center 15 years ago, we have seen this phenomenon many times. Stressful patients achieve lower results compared to relaxed and positive-minded patients. Therefore, a positive atmosphere is one of the fundamental factors in patient care at ADELI.

Therapy is about playing with little patients, supporting friends, and having fun with teens and adults. Patients feel at home here surrounded by close friends, as they call our therapists.
We are grateful to our employees for their professionalism, warmth and ethical practice. Each of us contributes. We are the ADELI Family.