ADELI clients claim that ADELI Medical Center is their second home, the island of safety, the oasis of understanding, the closest friend, even a Mother!

In ADELI nobody is being criticized or judged. We work by listening well, tuning in your clients perception. This approach was reaffirmed several times and especially acknowledged this weekend at a seminar by a well-known Czech rehabilitation nurse, Ms. Eva Kiedroňová. 

To harmonize the baby, understand and learn to read “what he/she says to us” seems to be a pretty big science :) The mental setting is as equally important as the amount of books read. It is about an intuition collected from experience. It is a bit about “diminishing” your own egocentrism, about learning to share myself with this new human in my / our life. In short, Ms. Eva Kiedroňová’s seminar, for the medical crew of the BabyMed department of ADELI, was a very exciting workshop full of exchanges of authentic experiences about babies development. The physiotherapists in ADELI are of a rare kind, in a way. You see, they have an inner understanding for even smallest patients. They perceive the expressions, feel warning signals and detect where and at what stage of development “this tiny client” appears to be. This allows them to work on clients development further. Efficiently and with success.  

Still, all the world’s sciences does not replace the mother’s arms. Mum is always the key to the babies progress. Zuzana Hejdukova, an experienced BabyMed physiotherapist, sees the mother of the kids with difficulties as their closest “personal trainer”. Between all the guidance and everything that can be bought the mother is always the most important for the baby. Ms. Eva Kiedronova insures: “Moms still have their loving arms available”. Just a few words, but they show how to ease the difficulties that sometimes comes along the road with child development.