Tree of Hope Charity & ADELI Medical Center

The Tree of Hope is a UK charity that offers hope to the families of sick children in the UK who need specialist medical surgery, treatment, therapy and equipment in order to free them from suffering, giving a better quality to their young lives. 

Tree of Hope is passionate about improving the health and lives of sick and disabled children resident in the United Kingdom by providing and assisting in the provision of grants and fundraising opportunities to enable them to obtain medical surgery, treatment, therapies and equipment which would not otherwise be available to them. As part of its philanthropic activities, Tree of Hope has agreed to consider assisting in fundraising for patients seeking treatment in ADELI Medical Center.

“Tree of Hope endeavours to provide assistance to families of sick and disabled children trying to raise money for specialist medical surgery, treatment, therapy and equipment. As a small charity, funds are limited, but we do everything we can to help you achieve your fundraising goals.

The process starts with a telephone or email application from the parent/carer/guardian of the child in need of assistance.

Call 01892 535525 or email

We will then assess your case on a case by case basis. Within 48 hours we will get back to you and hopefully provide the hands-on help and support that is needed.”